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Hipsters Take Note

I went and visited Muir Woods with my cousin and his fiancee the other weekend. For those of you who do not have an intimate knowledge of trees and parks in the Bay Area, Muir Woods is home to an … Continue reading

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In Berkeley

So. I’m in the bay area for the summer as I take a class at UC Berkeley. A friend just happened to be in town and we met up and wandered around in San Francisco for a while. At one … Continue reading

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Number T(h)ree

Ooh, clever title, huh? I would like to ask my reader(s) to pardon the tardiness of my posts here, as I have been engaged in all sorts of exciting activities, all of which I am proud to say are either … Continue reading

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Tree #2-Purely Formal

I went to a park with some friends because they were going to practice doing some basic Parkour moves. We wandered around for a while, until we found a nice patch of grass. I learned how to roll properly, which … Continue reading

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Tree #1–Dad’s Back Yard

Today I climbed my first official tree of this blog. I chose the tree in the back yard of my Dad’s apartment, mainly due to its sheer proximity. It is a fairly plain, midwestern tree, and did not pose too … Continue reading

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