Hipsters Take Note

I went and visited Muir Woods with my cousin and his fiancee the other weekend. For those of you who do not have an intimate knowledge of trees and parks in the Bay Area, Muir Woods is home to an old growth Coast Redwood forest. Going there kind of made me think that if someone were to run a tree-climbing school, this would be the site of the students’ final examination. The trees were gigantic, and it was actually very nice weather there–typically the forest is shrouded in fog that has crept in from the nearby ocean. There were a lot of lazy tourists there, but we evaded them by taking a route that went slightly uphill.

We walked through the forest along the trail, when all of a sudden we heard Mariachi music. It was very surreal. We kept on walking, trying to triangluate the source of the eerily jovial tunes–but to no avail.

We found a tree that had a hollow trunk, in which I posed for a picture:

Ben and a Redwood

This picture reminds me of something I learned while in New Zealand. My great-great[-great?] grandparents had a family and lived in Tasmania. The awesomeness springs from the fact that the entire family apparently lived in a hollowed out tree trunk. Now I know where my liking for trees came from. I tried to do some research on this, as I figured such an awesome story must be online SOMEWHERE. However, it is absolutely impossible to search through google for “Tasmania Family Tree”, as one just returns boatloads of crappy genealogy pages. On a similar note, I’ve decided I want to learn how to make things out of wood. I thought a good first project would be to make a kitchen spoon, so I looked into it. One of the tools that one needs for this is called a “spoon knife”, which–aside from being a ridiculous sounding name for a tool–is also quite difficult to find being sold through google, mainly returning silverware and tablesets. But I digress.

It was in amongst these majestic trees that I came upon a glorious idea: Hipster Bonsai. For, what could possibly be more ironic than growing one of the tallest tree species on Earth as a Bonsai?! The mere thought of confining such a mighty tree to a tiny pot made me laugh (out loud, even). As the regular reader of my blog must know,  I am quite taken by the concept of Bonsai. I was sorrely tempted by the young trees being sold in the gift shop, but decided against making the purchase as I could see no easy way for me to transport a tree back to Portland in addition to all my bags. We left.

Then we went to a silent film being shown at the Castro theatre. It was the finale of the San Francisco Silent Movie Festival, and it was a pretty sweet-looking theatre.

Castro Theatre

Castro Theatre

The movie was called L’Hereuse Mort, and was a French film. Leonard Maltin popped in to introduce the film, which was neat. It was really quite well made, and there was a live group playing the music. And it has nothing to do with trees.

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